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About Us

Hooked Up Fishing 365 was founded by two best friends in the Fall of 2018.  Both being fathers and having a love for the outdoors and specifically fishing, the two decided to take their adventures public and share their journey of fatherhood and fishing with their children and all of you.  The two created the Hooked Up Fishing 365 Facebook page and the Hooked Up Fishing YouTube Channel where they have been uploading their adventures for all to follow.  The core value behind Hooked Up Fishing is "Fishing, Family, Adventure" where thier goal is to introduce families and kids into the outdoors and more specifically their favorite activity...Fishing!!!

From the moment we sip our morning coffee to the moment we drift to sleep, each day there is an opportunity for adventure.  Join us as we explore the wonders of Fatherhood, and create amazing memories along the way.  Be part of the Adventure!